Sawaya Partners

Company: Sawaya Partners provides investment banking services to businesses in the consumer products industry. Since 2001, they have been creating lasting value for their clients’ businesses and brands through their relentless commitment to driving to the finish line, but with the necessary patience, skill, and attention to detail each deal requires.

Solution: Like the majority of founder-driven brands, the central brand asset was Founder and CEO, Fuad Sawaya, meaning what we found to be true of him, could be applied to the rest of the company. 

When we spoke to Fuad’s team and his clients we heard of the non-hierarchical, “we’re all in this together” mentality, how rigorously client-centric, not deal-centric the company is and of their collaborative processes. Their repeated successes could be measured by those of their clients’ who returned to them time and time again. It was this commitment to their client relationships and their truly invested nature that sparked the brand’s essence of “Invested Banking”. This not only became the tagline but the genesis of the creative platform informing the logo design, the website design, the collateral and all the messaging. 


Marketing, Branding, Typography, Graphic Design