Paladin Advisors

Company: KPF Global is an independent, registered investment adviser based in Kensington, New Hampshire. The company assists individual and institutional clients in designing and implementing global investment programs.

Solution: When we interviewed employees and clients, we heard more than once that founder, Karen Parker Feld, is a “force of nature” on a “mission for good”. We leveraged these values and renamed the company, Paladin Advisors. The name is a fitting representation of everything the company stands for;

Paladin means, “A determined advocate or defender of a noble cause; a warrior who is fully devoted to kindness and ridding the universe of evil. In combat, a Paladin with a cause is almost impossible to defeat… “). According to Karen, “The new brand embodies the sense of purpose each of us brings to our mission: delivering great investment results, financial security, and above all, peace of mind for our clients. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in business, protecting our clients’ dreams, and serving as their advocate—through thick and thin.”


Branding, Creative Direction, Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Brand Strategy