Nourish “Joy-full” Snacks is a range of nourishing snacks that are both healthy and delicious. Their founder, nutritionist, and TV presenter, Joy Bauer, started the company in her kitchen. She was determined to feed her children snacks that would satisfy their cravings for a sweet treat without compromising on health. As a nutritionist, Joy knew precisely the right ingredients to maximize energy and sugar levels, and as a “foodie,” she knew how to make the snacks fun and tasty too.

Since Joy Bauer is gaining celebrity as a TV personality, we decided it would be good for the brand to own its greatest asset, “Joy.” We coined the phrase “Joy-full Snacks” and developed the branding around her personality. We kept the fun colors from the previous design and went full tilt on the joyous, Circus-like theme. The result is a pack design that sits in the Better-for-you aisle without looking worthy or unappetizing.


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