Spencer Thomas Group's New Website. Built to Reflect its Global Reach.

Published by Nin Glaister

July, 4 2019

Our client, Spencer Thomas Group (STG) has a new website; our first fully integrated HubSpot site, built specifically to “attract, convert and delight” the STG customer! Having spent the last couple of years following a thought leadership marketing strategy, integrating fully to the HubSpot inbound marketing platform was a natural progression. The lead intelligence and visitor engagement will enable STG to market their brand more effectively and deliver the content that their audience wants.

STG is a Professional Services firm that delivers comprehensive business solutions worldwide. Their experience and knowledge-base stems from their involvement with nearly 100 multinational companies in over 90 countries on six continents. The new site will allow us to publish content, quite literally, from all four corners of the globe!  

“Spencer Thomas Group is proud to announce the launch of our new website and Hubspot inbound marketing platform, designed and developed by Shine&Co. Over the last 3 years Shine&Co has helped the STG practice evolve into a brand that is recognized worldwide. If your’e looking for a brand and marketing agency relationship that is strategic, creative and intimate, you want to talk to Shine&Co and get their insight before making any other investments. Thank you Shine&Co! “- Bill Cassidy, SVP Gobal Sales, Spencer Thomas Group

Our strategic partnership with STG has always been one of mutual benefit. Shine&Co is at its best when we’re helping brands reach their potential and beyond.

Are You Thinking About Defining Your Personal Brand?

As thought leaders, STG has invested in the individual personal branding of their Subject Matter Experts. To learn how to make a great first impression, read a blog from our archives that might help you get started!

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