BioPhysical ECOnomics Institute

There are always those branding assignments that force you to dig that much deeper to comprehend the subject matter fully; BPEI was one of them. The non-profit, multidisciplinary organization sits squarely at the intersection of economics and ecology. My clients were a heady mix of scientists, economists, investment experts, corporate & project finance analysts and policy professionals. When they approached me with their branding need, they had just a name and a lofty mission: “to incorporate the analysis of energy efficiency into assessments of various strategies to reduce man’s reliance on fossil fuels while supporting our natural habitats and human flourishing.” They needed a logo, a tagline and a brand presence. However, before I could begin the creative process, I had to figure out who they were as a group (i.e., extrapolate the common thread that linked each member of the team) and essentially build their brand around the unique essence that had brought them together.


Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Typography, Graphic Design, Website Design

The answer, it turned out, was their common mindset in how they approached the subject of economics. The solution was hidden in BPEI’s name in plain sight; they weren’t the BioPhysical Economics Institute; they were the BioPhysical ECOnoomics Insitute. One slight adjustment in pronunciation, but a giant leap in perspective.

The logo uses two ‘e’s to illustrate the interaction of Ecology and Economics. It also references BPEI’s belief system’s central tenet, the equation: Energy Return on Energy Invested.